Quality Commitment

Our Quality approach is to Improve Customer satisfaction by supporting its business goals

This is achieved by ensuring high Quality products and services, by developing effective processes and conducting continual improvement.

  • To provide services, which meet the standards, specifications, strategies, and codes of practice and meet up the customer needs and requirements.
  • To strive for the up gradation of the technology & system to congregate customer requirements in ever changing market and continuous improvement & enhancement throughout the life of our products and services.
  • Continual cut down in cycle time of processes, time for responses to customers, resource consumption, & defect level of the products.
  • Involvement of People: – Involve all of our people in the quality process, since they control our performance. We will do this by leadership, communication and motivation, training and empowerment in quality matters
  • Non Compliance- We strive to continually decrease any non-conformance in products, performance, or systems, through the use of nonconforming product reports as monitored at each Management Review.
  • Satisfaction – We strive to continually evaluate and improve our quality systems through the use of customer surveys, feedbacks and management reviews.
  • On Time Deliveries – To provide comprehensive service including Requirement analysis, Designing, Testing, and delivering etc, within the specified time and in conformance with customer requirements.
  • To ensure all employees are trained or have the experience to carry out their duties in a competent manner
  • Blue Ice Technologies has a vibrant and open work culture where the thoughts and ideas of every individual are heard, and knowledge is respected. We strive to continually improve opportunities for growth for employees.
  • Ensure prompt, action is taken in dealing with customer issues and the results of user surveys.
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