I have worked with Blue Ice Technologies for over a year and I have nothing but praise. They are always on top of the projects (even when I'm not), and are able to deliver on deadline. They are also great at thinking ahead and helping to identify new strategies for the project. Highly recommended.

Erik Martin

Blue Ice Technologies seems to be available 24/7. I have worked with many companies/people over the past several years and I am consistently reminded how responsive and professional Blue Ice has been throughout. Highly recommended

Todd M Cohan


Blue Ice Technologies has always exhibited true professionalism from start to finish. I highly recommend their web services.

Elesha Gabriell

Aleo Flash Media Inc

CareData has been outsourcing IT services for 20 years for development of healthcare solutions. Trust me when I say, we didn’t always have the best experience. We have learned to identify the key success factors in working with offshore resources. First and foremost, communication is key. Many companies have concerns with understanding accents and the culture of saying yes without understanding or delivering on time. The second key success factor is accessibility. Try running 4 life critical applications from offshore and not be able to reach your team because of time zones and or holidays were not informed about. Or how about the ever so competitive markets abroad where your team changes on a weekly basis without warning?

With Blue Ice Technology, we never had an issue with their team understanding our business needs and goals. Today, most offshore companies are competent and skilled for the work. I believe Blue Ice Technologies undersand they key factors that set them apart. Their rates are competitive, skills are high and they really do care about client satisfaction.

Selene Kepila


I have been working with Blue Ice technologies for about half a year now and I am pleased to say that they have met all of our requirements and needs. We have found them to be very competent and knowledgable in their work and it's great when the companies we work with provide useful solutions and recommendations for our projects.

Kevin Bourne

Interest Media Digital Marketing Agency

I would recommend Blue Ice Technologies they completed our work in a timely and professional manner. Are always available for conference calls and will be used again in 2011
we look forward in continuing our relationship with these guys.

Emmett Gallagher

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