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How we expect Governments to use Facebook…for better or worse

Facebook has been a precocious child. Very fast, it has not only crossed the reaches of other social networking sites, it now towers over them. It can stand for its own views now and different Govt. should positively make use of its influencing quality.

Get the perspective

To get this in perspective, we need to start from inception point. Since the emergence of Internet, people have been bowled down by two things; Windows and Google. These gave commoners a convenient way to interact and put their own points in visible mode. Then with the emergence of social networking sites like Orkut and primarily Facebook, the bar has been raised much more. Now many online communities these advertise their opinions in broader letters.

UK Govt. has made an initiation by requesting Facebook and Twitter to urge people towards spending cuts. Myanmar is gradually opening to the idea. India has utilized its services to make people more knowledgeable about how to stop traffic accidents. If other countries follow the trend, many unknown waters will be charted, if Facebook is encouraged to draw people into those lesser known areas. According to Facebook, online medium and communication should be left untouched by withholding powers of Govt. This helps general public start their own enterprise with emerging concepts.

Follow middle path

Post 9/11, regulations have logically strengthened. There is a fear in Govt. that people may get wrongly taught by online giants. However, this can easily be catered to. They can keep Facebook under regular moderation and let it give options to innovators. No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come. Thus, Govt. should go with the motion. Drug trafficking is another tragic occurrence that can’t be curbed through Facebook assistance.

Governments appreciate the smooth manner in which Facebook has constricted the globe and brought people closer. We are heading for times when Internet will lead our complete activities and policies. Now, even large-sized companies are placing their profile on Facebook to be more visible globally.

No compromise on promise

If the social online media giant Facebook keeps its innocence intact and yet be as popular; it will be stupidity not to exploit its resources. They can enlighten commoners on ill-effects of female feticide, contraction of sexual diseases, anti-drugs and anti-corruption. Governments can also give their back-links to few working profiles and communities on Facebook. These links will have information on sensitive matters and make people generally aware.

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