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Are you looking for a professional IT unit that can handle specific and exceptional services Web development, Internet marketing, software migration, QA testing, SEO/SEM etc. Blue Ice Technologies is glad to become your technology partner in these diverse spheres to offer high-quality services to your customers. Your responsibility under this partnership agreement is to assist in careful technical description of required project and sometimes act as a project manager. All the rest is Blue Ice Technologies responsibility. This includes: careful project plan preparation and cost estimation, assigning qualified developers, providing unique tools and solutions and comprehensive testing of all deliverables.

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  • How we expect Governments to use Facebook…for better or worse

    Facebook has been a precocious child. Very fast, it has not only crossed the reaches of other social networking sites, it now towers over them. It can stand for its own views now and different Govt. should positively make use of its influencing quality. Get the perspective To get this in perspective, we need to [...]

    Facebook Contest: Win One Month Free Facebook Marketing

    We are giving a Free “One Month Facebook Marketing Service” from us What you will get Create a Business Page Create an Awesome Facebook Landing Page Engage with¬†Audience Link to other Social Network How to Enter? Go to our Facebook Page & insert one post why you should Win! The Post can be anything [...]

    The Blue Ice Technologies Web Site

    We are pleased that you are on our website, experiencing the new design that we have created to offer you a more positive experience as you explore our services. We invite you to explore our web site, and to subscribe to this blog where you will soon find free audio training, free articles and lots [...]

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