Clear Procure

Market Scenario

Companies today are looking for areas where they can squeeze out additional productivity and cost savings. One area that traditionally hasn’t been tackled very well by procurement has been professional services.

Making a smart investment decision while acquiring sourcing and procurement technologies is never easy. There are a lot of fears, uncertainty and doubts about multiple issues, some needlessly planted by vendors themselves

Without having access to accurate, detailed spends data, organizations are unable to effectively source quality products and services at the best possible prices. Most organizations have difficulty gaining access and control over detailed spend data because often times

Much of the data exists in the form of paper-based invoices Electronic data is spread across multiple enterprise transaction systems The captured spend data is inaccurate and improperly classified due to errors in the data entry process. Having a systematic process for spend analysis at regular intervals is critical for any company to achieve the most savings out of strategic sourcing.


Clear Procure is a completely web based e-procurement solution Clear Procure Product Suite brings transparency and efficiency and can significantly bring down client’s procurement and project cost.

  • Clear Procure is an online system where buyer will be posting tenders
  • Suppliers will post their bids against tenders.
  • The buyer will accept and reward the winning bid.
  • The winning bid will have its status set to complete.
  • You get the right Item, at the right Price & from the Best Supplier


  • Clear Procure is
    • Fast
    • Organized
    • Easy
    • Flexible
  • With Clear Procure you can Cost effective, reliable sources
  • Manage all Purchase requirement
  • Change buying habits of your employees to reduce spending
  • Helps built transparency in buying & selling relationship for the Top Level management.
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